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he American Legion, Department of Maine is getting ready to celebrate 100 years of service to Veterans, families and our local communities. The department has many plans in store for the next two years leading up to a huge celebration for the Legion's 100th Birthday.    

Department of Maine recently released a Centennial Coin, which can be purchased online, or by calling the Department directly at 207-873-3229. The coins are $10 each plus $5 shipping/handing.  Coins are also available for free pick up at Department for $10 each. To purchase your coin, click on the Buy Maine Centennial Coin button below.   


Click here to learn more about the Department of Maine's Centennial Celebration

     August 2018 Issue

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Brett Reistad of Manassas, Va, was elected National Commander of The American Legion on August 30, 2018, during the organization's 100th National Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  

Click here to learn more about Brett Reistad, or visit

Please click here to learn about National Commander Reistad's Pin Incentive Program 

National Commander's Incentive Pin Certification Form

National Commander's Honor Ribbon Form


National Commander's Visit To Maine
September 14-15, 2018

National Commander Reistad's Itinerary and Banquet Information 

  The American Legion, Department of Maine 
Fall Conference 
September 21-23, 2018 

Fall Conference will be held Sept. 21-23, 2018.  The Legion Family will hold their conferences at different locations (please see below). 

Bath Post 21 will be where the entire Legion Family will gather Friday, Sept. 21 for evening entertainment and POW/MIA Recognition Ceremony and Saturday, Sept. 22, for a Legion Family Barbecue at 5:00 p.m. and a Troop Support USO Talent Show at 6:00 p.m. 

Legion Conference
 will be held at Brunswick Post 20, 1 Columbus Drive, Brunswick, Maine 04011. 

Legion Fall Conference Agenda 
Saturday, Sept. 22 
9:00  a.m. Opening Introductions 
9:15 a.m. Presentations by PDC Herman Wright, “Service Dogs” 
12-1:00 p.m. Lunch 
1-4:00 p.m. Breakout Sessions & Group Discussions 

LEGION Lunch Saturday 
will be at Brunswick Post 20 at noon). Chop Suey with roll, coleslaw, small bag chips, fruit cup and beverages (water or soft drinks). $10 per meal (pay at the door). 
Coffee and donuts will be provided in the morning; donations welcome. 
Water and soft drinks will be available throughout the day for $1 per. 

Sunday, Sept. 23 
9:00 a.m.—Legion DEC Meeting—Bath Post 21 

Auxiliary Conference
 will be held at Bath Post 21, 200 Congress Ave., Bath, Maine  04530 

Saturday, Sept. 22 
8:30 a.m. Auxiliary Registration, $5.00 per person 
9:00 a.m. Auxiliary Conference Opens 

Sunday, Sept. 23 
9:00 a.m. Auxiliary DEC meeting, Bath Post 21. Dress is Auxiliary Branded. 

Sons of The American Legion
 will be held at Topsham Post 202, 379 Foreside Rd., Topsham, Maine 
9:00 a.m. SAL Conference Opens 

Please click here for Fall Conference Meal Information and Hotel Listing

The American Legion Family
Department of Maine POW/MIA Memorial

To be built at The American Legion Family,  
Department of Maine, Headquarters Campus in  
Winslow, Maine  

The American Legion Family, Department of Maine has joined together in a joint project to build a POW/MIA Memorial at The American Legion Family Maine Headquarters. This memorial is to honor and remember the 480 Mainers who are still unaccounted for*. Each missing Mainer will have a brick listing their name, branch of service, and war conflict.     

Please help us keep these hero’s memories alive with this memorial.    

They have given the ultimate sacrifice For God and Country.     

Never Forgotten.  Always Remembered.     

Please click here for more information on how to sponsor a permanent brick for the POW/MIA Memorial.

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Click here for District Meeting Dates


To learn how the new online renewal process works for members, Department Officers/Staff and Post Officers click here and scroll down to "How it works"  


Access to MyLegion is now open to all Legion Members and Post/Department Leaders
. is a website designed to connect members of The American Legion to their Post and Department leadership, other veterans with similar interests, and the vast array of services offered at every level of the organization. Click here for more information and access to

Since its founding in 1922, USAA has been dedicated to helping those in military and their families.  They have what you need to make it simple, including insurance, free financial advice, banking, investing, member discounts and shopping - all delivered according to our core values of honesty, integrity, loyalty and service. Click here to visit USAA website or call 1-877-699-2654. 

 Legionnaire Insurance Trust 

Your valued status as a Legionnaire entitles you to LegionCare, up to $5,000.00 in NO COST benefits. But Confirmation is required for full activation. 

$5,000.00 NO COST To You Accidental Death Protection if traveling on official American Legion business. 
$1,000 Accident Protection for all covered accidents. 

Legionnaires can sign up for the "No Cost" AD&D by visiting or by calling the toll free number 1-800-235-6943. 
NEW:  Click here and fill out the attached form. 

To learn more about Member Benefits, please click here

Irving Oil Savings


As the war on terrorism continues, more young American military men and women are coming home bearing the scars of battle. Many continue to recover physically and emotionally from severe injuries including loss of limbs, mobility, and psychological trauma. 

The American Legion and the Department of Defense have teamed up to provide these outstanding and dedicated Americans all the help they need to re-establish their lives when they come home. 

It is a pillar of The American Legion- "to consecrate and sanctify our comradeship by our devotion to mutual helpfulness". 

If your post has agreed to participate in the Heroes to Hometown program because a comrade is coming home to your community, download this guide and visit the National Heroes2Hometowns website. These resources will provide you with information you need to ensure that the servicemember and their family will get full assistance for a successful transition back to civilian life.

Also see our Heroes2 Hometowns FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions.


IRS Filing Requirement for All Posts/Units 

Annual Electronic Filing Requirement for Small Exempt Organizations -- Form 990-N (e-Postcard) 
Small tax-exempt organizations whose annual gross receipts are normally $25,000 or less may (will for The American Legion) be required to electronically submit Form 990-N, also known as the e-Postcard, unless they choose to file a complete Form 990 or Form 990-EZ. 

If you do not file your e-Postcard on time, the IRS will send you a reminder notice but you will not be assessed a penalty for late filing the e-Postcard. However, an organization that fails to file required e-Postcards (or information returns - Forms 990 or 990-EZ) for three consecutive years will automatically lose its tax-exempt status. The revocation of the organization's tax-exempt status will not take place until the filing due date of the third year. 

This filing requirement will be mandatory for all American Legion posts and units previously exempted because they did not meet the minimum income level of 25,000 to file a 990 or 990-EZ. 

Due Date of the e-Postcard: 

The e-Postcard is due every year by the 15th day of the 5th month after the close of your tax year.  For example, if your tax year ended on December 31, the e-Postcard is due May 15 of the following year.  You cannot file the e-Postcard until after your tax year ends.

Military Discharge Requests

If you are a veteran whose home of record at time of entry into the service was the State of Maine then a copy of your DD-214 (or equivalent) may be on file at the Bureau of Veteran's Services. 

Please click on the Application Request for Military Discharge link below if you are requesting a discharge from the State of Maine and mail application to the Bureau of Veteran's Services for processing.  For more information, please visit 


The National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) has provided the following website for veterans to gain access to their DD-214s 

This may be particularly helpful when a veteran needs a copy of his DD-214 for employment purposes. NPRC is working to make it easier for veterans with computers and Internet access to obtain copies of documents from their military files. 
Military veterans and the next of kin of deceased former military members may now use a new online military personnel records system to request documents. 

Other individuals with a need for documents must still complete the Standard form 180, which can be downloaded from the online web site.  Because the requester will be asked to supply all information essential for NPRC to process the request, delays that normally occur when NPRC has to ask veterans for additional information will be minimized.  The new web-based application was designed to provide better service on these requests by eliminating the records centers mailroom and processing time. 

Please pass this information on to former military personnel you may know and their dependents.    

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